Sunday, February 20, 2011

What's in the box

Ahh.  It's the wondeful Golds Gym 390R indoor recumbent bike it's a really nice machine.  Has heart rate monitor and a lot of other cool electronics on board.  The only problem is, THERE'S NO POWER SUPPLY!!  What a total bummer.  

This dang thing drinks "D" cell batteries.  We'll  I'll tell you how I solved the battery crisis.  I bought this universal power supply that powers this battery drinking machine.  

The radioshack enercell supply will solve our power supply needs.  The supply will convert household 120 Volt current into a safe 6 Volt low current that the Gold's Gym 390R or a Gold's Gym 290 bike can use.  It more than likely uses a small transformer with a bridge rectifier and a small capacitor to filter out the ripple voltage. 

Amazon also sell's supplies for the Gold's Gym 390Rand the Gold's Gym 290


  1. Get the "Manufacturer's" power supply at at less than half the GoldsGym price

  2. RE: Erick -- That is NOT the Manufacturer's power supply. It is the same equivilent power supply that you can get from -- -- which works with the bike but is not a OEM adapter.