Fitness Journal

     One of the greatest things about indoor cycling is the fact that you can enjoying a bicycling experience even in the worst of weather. I do prefer riding outside over indoor riding but sometimes indoors is the best.

     I've had a head cold the past few days but I have finally managed to get back on my Gold Gym 390R bicycle.  I'm a little rusty but we all get that way sometimes.  The main thing is to move forward all the time when it comes to exercise.  I'm setting a goal for the week Feb 13 to ride 30 to 40 mins a day.  Today I actually rode 30 mins and it was about 8.67 miles I had the resistance level set to 7 on my bicycle.  I also walk about a hour day so that helps with the fitness.  I drink soy protein shakes and soy milk.  I really prefer the taste of soy protein over whey protein.

     Feb 14th rode on my Gold's Gym 290 upright bicycle.  I had to turn the resistance to setting 4.  I had a really good ride on this bike.  The ride was so good that I think I will rotate and go from my recumbent to upright bike every other day.  This will make my workouts more exciting.  Did some upper body weight lifting too. 

    Feb 15th rode on my Gold's Gym 390R recumbent bike.  Rode 30 mins and 17 MPH.  I set my resistance to 7.  My bottom was a little sore from yesterday, lol.

    Feb 16th rode the upright bike for 30mins.  I am wiped.  I feel really good putting in the ride.  Next week I'll shoot for 45min rides.  Still cooking with gas. :)

     Feb 17th taking a off day today.  Will ride tomorrow,

     Feb 27th rode 30mins.  Had some setbacks.  Have had a cough. Kind of messes up my cardio. I'm recovering quite well now.

     If anyone would like to share their indoor cycling fitness routine and talk about the walls they are climbing to achieve them, feel free to comment.

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