Sunday, February 20, 2011

Radioshack is your friend

I used the Enercell Radio Shack Part Number 273-333.  As you can see this supply meets our requirement for the bicycle.  It is a variable 3 volt thru 7.5 volt.  Put it on 6 volt and never touch it.  Epoxy it if you think someone is going to mess with it.  You will have to buy the "M" Enercell adaptor too.  Not sure what the part number was on this,  it's on the Radio Shack website.  I bought this supply in their store.  I'm guessing this bike needs the 2 amps for this fan power.  Not sure,  maybe you could get the smaller amp rating if you didn't use the fan.  I think the small supply would eventually burn out using a fan.

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